Our Story

Aloha e komo mai!


We welcome you to join us at Royal Hawaiian Surf Academy!

Deeply rooted in our culture, Royal Hawaiian Surf Academy has been Hawaiian owned and operated since 1998 and is one of the oldest surf schools in Maui.

Our founder and Ambassador of Aloha, Kimo Kinimaka, husband of Julie Kinimaka, are the blessed parents of 5 wonderful children who have been there every step of the way helping the business grow since the very beginning. Kimo and his family are all extraordinarily blessed and thankful for every opportunity they have to share their passion of surfing through their talented, experienced and compassionate instructors.

In the 1800’s, dating back to the original Hawaiian monarchy of King David Kalakaua, surfing was considered a prestigious sport of only the Ali’i (high ranking chiefs). Kimo’s great-great-grandfather, David Laleo Kinimaka, was a close friend and bodyguard of King Kalakaua and had the privilege of partaking in this soulful sport, dating our history and love of surfing to a few centuries back.

As Hawaiians of this land, “Kanaka Maole”, we were taught to believe that the once prestigious sport of surfing, He’e Nalu, originated here in Hawaii.

Kimo is also the proud nephew of infamous big wave surfer Titus Kinimaka, who helped make this Surf School, Kimo’s dream to share his love for the ocean, a reality.

Yes, surfing is an absolute blast, however, we are most fortunate to have some of the best students, some of which come back year after year. It truly is the most rewarding feeling to have our students stopping by to see how much the kids have grown, who has gone to college, and who the new family additions are. There is nothing quite like the amazing feeling of being out on in the water with a friendly and familiar face.

Come create memories that will stay with you for years to come!

We invite you to be a part of the Royal Hawaiian family – Book online, or feel free to call us if you want to talk to us personally!



See you out in the water!